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LIVE Video streaming in UHD/4K

We do Live video streaming of cultural, sports, business or company events with multiple camera editing in Ultra HD (4K) quality. Virtual reality video VR360 in 8K 3D quality with 3D sound for VR glassess and social network.
We direct, film, edit and deliver commercials, promo videos, clips, short films.

Live TV
Live in 3D
Live IP cam
Rec Color Cut
Auto photo+share
Wall Advertising

We present live video streaming of audience-attracting events. Organizers hire us, to stream video and sound from their event for those who could not attend in person

We use one or more cameras connected to the directors control panel. The outcome is basically a standard TV programme but instead of classic TV transmission it is distributed easily via Internet worldwide

We focus on high quality, which is our priority. Streaming video in UltraHD 4K quality and stereo sound or Dolby Surround 5.1 (when suitable). We also save the filmed material in high quality up to 200 MB/sec. for post production purposes

Besides live streaming through the Internet we can project the video from our control panels onto cinema screens, standard or large screen LED TVDolby Surround 5.1within the venue. At large sports events we build temporaryWi-fi networks which enable the visitors to view the event on their mobile phone displays. Useful during a lunch break for instance, in case they want to keep in picture at all times

The video can be naturally complemented by multimedia, photos, videos, provisional/final result charts, subtitles. In case of music events we also provide the sale of SMS/on-line tickets which allow those who could not make it to the venue watching the event from their homes

We are also ready to provide appropriate sound system for medium-sized venues or open-air performances

Besides large events we are happy to cater small ones too, e.g. HD/Full HD single camera streaming or recording and editing for publishing on Youtube or Facebook



Each event that we stream is our signature.
Even a light mistake during the streaming process could be noticed instantly without a chance to take it back.
On that account we pay the most careful attention when preparing for and also during the course of the whole event, besides the care of our professional equipment. This is how we work:


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CONTACT US (Latin America)

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  • filmers in the Czech Rep.,Slovakia, Germany, Austria
  • business partners for the Czech Rep.,Slovakia, Germany, Austria
  • post-production editors in České Budějovice
  • colorist for DaVinci resolve in České Budějovice
+420 773 749 040